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Our years of experience in industrial manufacturing build the ROOTCLOUD IIoTP

IIoT Modeling
IIoT Modeling
IIoT Works
IIoT Works
Industrial Data Fabric
Industrial Data Fabric
Identity and Access Management
Identity and Access Management
Essential Service
Essential Service
Developer's resources
Developer's resources

IIoT Modeling

The mass industrial devices are connected and report real-time machine data to the IIoTP as models and instances. Besides, users can remotely monitor machine data, issue instructions, and receive alarms on the IIoTP



Management over variables that need to be collected from the physical devices, versions, and auth info helps the user to unify the info of devices before connection

Connection management
Central information management




The platform models the industrial devices through "models", connects the devices, collects real-time, historical, and alarm data, and issues instructions

Real-time data
Historical data
Issue Instructions


The facet provides a unified interface for the business system while shield the differences of specific models

Unified interface
Shield difference

Alarm and event


It monitors the running status and health of devices, catch the abnormality of devices and thus lower rate of device faults

Running status
Real-time catching
Lower fault rate

Remote control

It provides abilities to issue instructions, config files, and upgrade firmwares so that devices can be managed remotely

Issue instruction
Upgrade firmware
Remote control


(Diagnostic log/report)


Users can download the messages reported from the devices and diagnose the abnormalities to locate the faults quickly

Abnormality diagnosis
Locate faults

Well-rounded and smart solutions

ROOTCLOUD IIoT solutions consists of Smart Manufacturing IIoT Solution, Intelligent Product IIoT Solution, and Industrial Chain IIoT Solution. They enable the smart production management, product and service innovation, and induatrial chain cooperation with the low-cost, easy-to-use, high-efficiency, and high-reliability IIoT digital transformation

Smart Manufacturing IIoT Solution
Intelligent Product IIoT Solution
Industrial Chain IIoT Solution

Smart Manufacturing IIoT Solution

This solution is tailored for industrial manufacturing. It collects and models the IT and OT data from the factory. Then it analyzes the devices, energy consumption, security, production efficiency, and product quality based on the data and models

Smart manufacturing

ROOTCLOUD Smart Manufacturing Solution helps enterprises in product customization, designing cooperation, agile supply, flexible manufacturing, active service, and smart decision

ROOTCLOUD - Manufacturing Operation Management (MOM)
ROOTCLOUD - Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS)
ROOTCLOUD - Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Smart asset

ROOTCLOUD Smart Asset Solution is based on the lean management, life cycle management, and high-performance management. With the thread of maintenance costs, it helps enterprises to build a device metric system to support the decision making on maintenance

ROOTCLOUD - Equipment Digital Maintenance
ROOTCLOUD - Organization Asset Management
ROOTCLOUD - Prognostics and Health Management (PHM)

Smart energy

ROOTCLOUD Smart Energy Management System is a tool to diagnose the production procedure of enterprises. It provides energy management services for safe and precise energy using. Meanwhile, it assists enterprises in production and operation

ROOTCLOUD - Energy Management System (EMS)
ROOTCLOUD - Equipment Efficiency Assistant


Smart SAN GEN integrates the IT and OT systems in the place of incidents. It enables visual and lean management by collecting the videos locations of devices. Also, it provides an overall view of the factory with the real-time and processed data


Solutions for various industries

Cooperating with the leading enterprises of each industry, ROOTCLOUD IIoTP enables various industries and fields

Equipment manufacturing

Based on the ROOTCLOUD IIoTP, softwares on automatic equipment and procedure, industrial APPs, ROOTCLOUD helps manufacturers to write the best practices as lighthouse factories.

Cars and spare parts

ROOTCLOUD enables spare part manufacturing through 3 MES solutions and digitizes factory management through digital twins.

Iron and steel industry

By digging into the pain points of iron and steel industry, ROOTCLOUD tailors solutions for enterprises.


ROOTCLOUD enables various industries and fields including enginnering machinery, non-ferrous metals industry, machine tools, textile, injection moulding, new energy, industrial robots, packaging machinery, environment protection, motor manufacturing, industrial furnace, fluid machinery (air compressor), household appliances, custom home furnishing, chemistry, coal mining, and smart park.

Flexible Deployment

The advanced technical structure makes available the deployment and maintenance of multiple standards

Public Cloud

Suitable for small and medium enterprises

Information can be shared with the company’s upstream and downstream partners

Easy to expand and upgrade


No need for an extra operation and maintenance team

Private Cloud

Suitable for large enterprises

Real-time control on things

Stable and reliable with less network delay

Higher costs with super services

A professional operation and maintenance team

Hybrid Cloud

Suitable for enterprises that have hardware and intranet resources, but need to share data and information with the upstream and the downstream. Hybrid cloud inherits the openness and resilience of public cloud and the high security and autonomy of private cloud.

The trust from clients of various industries

A new base for digitization enables various industries and fields

  • Engineering machinary
  • General equipment
  • Transportation
  • Environment protection
  • Others

Yantai Eddie Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

Yantai Eddie Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. (603638.SH) cooperates with ROOTCLOUD in building a "Smart Factory for the Manufacturing of Travel Motors" as an Industry 4.0 project based on the ROOTCLOUD Platform as well as the advantages and experiences of both companies

The Network of ROOTCLOUD Ecosystem Provides Users Worldwide with Professional Support

We provide our service for clients, no matter where you are


Industrial protocols (95% of mainstream protocols)


Industrial devices


Industrial segments


Industrial assets


Industrial chain platforms

ISO 27001

Trusted Industrial Internet Platform Services

Cloud Computing Service Capability Certification by MIIT

Cybersecurity Classified Protection


Information System Construction & Service Certificate (CS)


China Compulsory Certification


The ROOTCLOUD IIoTP is a one-stop IIoT “operating system” designed and developed by ROOTCLOUD based on our years of practice and experience in the industrial Internet, as well as by leveraging our deep understanding of the industry pain points. The IIoTP makes use of ROOTCLOUD's cumulative advantage in the app industry to restructure and encapsulate reusable APIs, business models, and industrial applications and offer them to customers as services, which vastly simplifies app building and customization for customers.

Customer Service